Monday, March 7, 2011

Sleep Country

We went to a mattress theme park yesterday. Free admission!
One Dollar Mattress Rides

Upon entering, a child, who was bouncing from mattress to mattress, was joyfully belting out the theme song! We removed our coats, were given our own pillows, then were encouraged to lie down on any of the many beds while the attendant operated the controls. Lying there, side by side with eyes closed, our legs were raised up slightly, then our heads were raised up, then were lowered down! Amazing! Boy was I glad I hadn't eaten anything for several hours!

The park was organized by theme; our favorite attraction was the Foam Mattress Display. We bought extra tickets for this one so we could return and lie down time and again. The movement was very subtle: upon lying down, we could feel the foam beneath us slowly relax and conform to our bodies. Wow! What a ride!

The Beauty Rest Display was not terribly exciting -- all you could do was lie there. No up-and-down action, no sinking into oblivion. Yawn.

The Stearns & Foster Display had some mighty pricey tickets, so we didn't even bother getting in line for that one. (Actually, there was no line.)

And then there was an interesting set of mattresses with black trim. For these, you paid extra. What the heck? Aren't mattresses usually covered with layer upon layer of decorative trim anyway, trim in which one sleeps? Why spend more for extra (ahem) trim underneath all the usual trim?

We were so impressed with the Tempurpedic Ride that we decided to purchase our very own! It's being delivered Wednesday! Instead of cotton sheets I thought I'd get us some pink cotton candy
and now I have to redecorate the entire room so that we can lie in bed and throw impossibly soft pillowy balls at a pyramid of glassware. Maybe Paul will win me a mammoth turquoise stuffed elephant. Damn, but life is good!


  1. I hope he wins the elephant, not the live goldfish. They always seem peaky and low-spirited.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. I'm going to that amusement park sometime in the next 6 months. Or so. I can't wait to hear about the new mattress, but does it go up and down??? (or, ahem, is that your job?).
    ooooo. Bad Melinda!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to visit a 'mattress' theme park. I'll put it on my list, just above 'dustpan & brush' theme park.

  4. I think it will be essential to your 'recovery' for you to have a comfortable bed to sleep in.....