Friday, March 25, 2011

Old News

From 5,000 New Answers to Questions, by Frederic J. Haskin, copyright 1933:

What was the largest cake every made?

Probably the largest cake was that ordered by Frederick William I, King of Prussia, in June, 1730. It is said that this contained 36 bushels of flour, 200 gallons of milk, one ton of butter, one ton of yeast, and 5000 eggs. The finished cake was 18 yards long, 8 yards broad, and more than half a yard thick. It was so large that 30,000 soldiers could not eat it all.


Just in case you wondered.


  1. Never mind eating it, how the hell did they cook it?

  2. Sounds like the king cake that went all the way around the Superdome twice. I am assuming they made a gazillion little strips of cake and then iced them to stick together. sp

  3. when Laurel was a toddler, someone gave me a book about a cake being made in a castle, and the cake rose so high from the yeast that it reached to the sky. It was a book published in the 1920s. I wonder what I did with was so much fun!

  4. Personally, I like my cakes to be cake-size.

  5. Never mind cooking the hell did they stir it?