Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black Market Kitten

I've never had to look for a cat. All my life, they've come to me: a neighbor, sister, friend with kittens, a stray welcoming himself in on my birthday, etc. This time I called a local cat-rescue organization, and was told that they would not let me adopt from them because I already had adult cats. WTF? I came home from work today with one adult cat asleep on my son's lap, the kitten perched on his neck, another adult cat snoring on the sofa. Problem? None that I can see. I've always done it this way. And it's always worked.

Another kitten-adoption site required pre-adoption paperwork, including an agreement I had to sign, and at the bottom it said: This is a Legal and Binding Document. Um. Don't think so. The irony here, of course, is that any woman of child-bearing age can get herself knocked up any old time, but just dare her to try to adopt a kitten! It's PETA gone wild.

This time, as always, the kitten came to me. I'd put out "feelers", and my younger son, in one of his forays to, as he said "check out the hot chicks", heard a "hot chick" mention kittens. KITTENS! His kitten radar picked up the signal, we hooked up (but not N. and the Hot Chick), and Sunday the Hot Chick and I met for the Kitten Exchange. It all felt very Black Market, after the shenanigans I went through with the Official Kitten Adoption Agencies.

And there was no "re-homing" fee. Re-homing! Who thought of this one?! I "rehomed" myself about a month ago. And honestly, I should've collected a massive fee. Like, a pay-off-my-mortgage-fee. Just sayin'. I had to adopt myself. Still waiting to sign the agreement, which, in this case, will be a legal document.

Anyway, this new kitten is probably the best tonic for this battered soul. Her purr rumbles up and out of her tiny bone-and-fur framework, impossibly loud for such a wee thing. She screams when I pick her up. Mutters and squeaks at other times.

If you're a cat person, you must check this out:


  1. T., this is one of my favorite posts of yours. :)
    It's all so true.

  2. I wonder what they were saying, that was so urgent!

  3. The two cats we have at present are the first ones we have actually acquired from the SPCA. Prior to that cats have always appeared and said "adopt me".

    I have NEVER seen two cats "talk" like the two in the clip. Ours will do that individually but not together.


  4. p.s. I think the reason why the adoption of either cats and dogs (or even babies) is made so complicated, is that if they gave them all away they'd be out of a job. It's also a 'power' kick. Assessing people makes them seem superior (or so they think).

  5. It's an expensive deal to adopt a kitten from the humane society here...approx $200.00 just to walk out the door and then you have to get the veterinarian work done and submit the proof of that.

  6. the cutest cat video ever!! OMG.

    I just sent in my volunteer application to SPCA so I can hang out with animals again...losing mine in the divorce has been a blow. I've adopted through SPCA and various rescue orgs, and it is indeed an interrogation! But I understand where they are coming from: many of these animals have been through the wringer already and they are trying to place them into good homes.

    Congrats on your under-the-table-but-perfectly-legal adoption. You are already reaping huge rewards for this new love in your life. I'm very happy for you - and Lucy!

  7. Perhaps all the folderol about adopting homeless animals is to ensure they aren't taken by those who run labs of animal testing of various chemicals and surgical techiques?

    This clip was adorable.

    Love, C.

  8. I felt the same way when we were trying to adopt a dog. Lucy..what a lovely name.