Wednesday, June 8, 2011


That archetypal dream: unclothed in public --

I was at a large family party, and realized that I was the only person there who was nude. Amid disapproving -- well, shocking, really -- glances, I said, "I thought this was a 'Clothing Optional' event!"

The above-mentioned party doesn't actually happen until June 18th, but it has been suggested that I put an extra set of clothes in my car "just in case".


  1. Yes, but don't put the ones you were wearing in the car!

  2. Nudity and clothing optional stuff makes me giggle.

    WV: undist

  3. ah, full frontal (and rear) exposure...perhaps the latest sex scandal has crept into your unconscious? :-) Thank Gawd your nudity wasn't captured on a smart phone and that would add to the dream, wouldn't it??

  4. Yes, Tara's right, it's good there are no cameras, cell phones, or internet in dreams. We'd all be in big trouble. (but maybe there are??) sp

  5. Have you ever wondered which is the "real"...before or after you go to bed perchance to dream? Sometimes I think the "waking" hours are the nightmare. Anyhooo....keep your clothes on!