Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend and then some....

There needs to be an After-Weekend to allow time for Weekend Recovery. Yikes.

Friday night I dredged up from my long-ago teenage past the vocal jazz skills I was fortunate to learn as a student in Mr. McManus' classes. Although without a nightly dose of diphenhydramine or other such potent anti-allergy med, there is a constant drip-drip on the middle and best range of my vocal chords. Nonetheless, I swung into full "Blackbird" action with piano, and (if I can remember correctly) saxaphone. (It might've been a flute.) Damn, we were swingin'!

Saturday there was Becki's Pie (strawberry-rhubarb, with orange zest in both the crust and the filling) (be still my heart):

And a family of nuthatches cracking black sunflower seeds with tiny beaks:

A container-packed ship slicing the waters of Admiralty Inlet:

Beach and upside-down beach at Fort Warden (it may have just been me that was upside down) --

Finally, a view of what will happen when The Big One (earthquake) strikes Seattle:

I fear we may all be tipped into the Salish Sea (aka Puget Sound).

But now it's time for coffee and a bit of foraging in the kitchen. Apparently the After-Weekend is only a fantasy.



  1. The fact that there is no After-Weekend is the very thing that gives Monday its unique flavor. and Tues-Fri all feel like Friday to me. thanks, sp

  2. I love your photos -- what app is that or did they just happen? :)

  3. Poor old thing! Come and join the 'idle poor', where apres-weekends no longer exist. Just slog, slog, slog from one Sunday to another!

  4. I'm with Cro -- the idle poor!! Weekends have no meaning anymore, except that I tend NOT to go out because too many people are about.

    Gee, T., you are multi-talented -- who knew you could sing and jam? How much fun! I think you and I might have been separated at birth.....

  5. poetry. t. that was one of the top five rhubarb pies that i ever have made, and i am glad that i made it for you! gregg and i want to have your company more. both of us agreed that we miss you way to much to see you as little as we do. you ALWAYS have a sanctuary in our hut in our little "village" of p.t.

  6. You are going to have to post video of yourself in jazz mode....and we all want some of that pie.

  7. T, I have a video of you singing Blackbird. I just don't know how to post. Looks and sounds good.

  8. fabulous photos! how did you get the effects?