Monday, August 8, 2011

A Chorus of Angels

For Marie from Achill Island, who wondered what to say at her friend's funeral, and, like me, had a moment of sudden music while driving, inspiring her to begin the process of contemplation --

For Marjorie in Oregon, who told her husband to "read T.'s blog", who responded "Puccini speaks to many of us. You should ask if she has heard Mirella Freni do the honors":

For Rosanne in Seattle, who said "I had a similar experience of music appearing out of nowhere at a monastery in France. Gregorian Chants out of thin air. I looked all over for the source and found none...." (Perhaps this odd little video answers her query):

And finally, for Cz., also in Seattle, my soul-sister, who wrote, "my wall post, but with you in mind, too. We have indeed been rearranged, it seems" --


  1. Could Rosanne possibly have been in Cadouin? I was visiting the monastery there when Gregorian chant suddenly came from nowhere.... Then I spotted the Sony speakers.

  2. oh my...Sweet Spot is so moving. Never heard Winterbloom - thank you thank you.

    Julie Christiansen/Perla Batalla do a most fine cover of Anthem -- and they were Leonard's backup singers. That song just hits me deep down every time I hear it.

    What a dance this life is...makes for some exquisite music, doesn't it?