Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five Sisters, 13 Suggestions and STILL NO LUNCH.

One of my (many) sisters will be in town the first weekend in September, and four of the other sisters and I have been trying to organize lunch out with as many of the sisters as possible, in the same place and at the same time. This has proven to be a particularly challenging task.

A few days ago, I sent out the following email:

Thought I'd throw an idea out there
for getting about we meet for Chinese food at Sichuanese Cuisine,
at 12th and Jackson in Seattle, 12:30 or so?
Open to other ideas also.

And here are the responses (edited slightly), in the order that they arrived:

Hi Sisters, I would prefer eating somewhere else, but thanks T, for initiating the proposed get-together. Although the prospect of ordering Ant on Tree is quite tempting, I'm still a bit gun shy about going back there. The last (and only) time I dined there, I was not well the next day. Enough said. So my suggestion is that since M. is still recovering from surgery, why not give her a break with the driving and eat somewhere on Bainbridge Island? There are several restaurants within close proximity to the ferry dock in Eagle Harbor, ie, Doc's Marina grill, Harbour Public House, and depending on the ferry schedule for those coming over from Seattle, we could still meet around 12:30 or so. --L.

Okay. That's the extent of my planning. M.? Ideas? --T.

There's also Green Leaf Vietnamese restaurant, on 8th Ave S in the international district and Pyramid Ale House on 1st in SODO. --L.

I love the idea of ethic Chinese in the International District! It's not an issue at all for me to hop onto the Bainbridge/Seattle ferry and meet up with all of you over on the Seattle side. Perhaps Shanghai Garden would be suitable? I'm up for other suggestions, hopefully with good parking available. --M.

Check out this place, at Tofu Hunter's blog: Seven Stars Pepper. --T.

Checked out the tofu hunter blog....looks delicious and I am sure it is to most but I cannot eat soy, msg and most oils. Do they have a good old American salad sans dressing? I find that always works for me when I am out. Meeting halfway sounds great. --A.

Why don't we just meet somewhere around Southcenter? Heck, the food court AT southcenter would be fine with me. Everyone just orders from wherever and we eat in the middle. Or Zoopa's. There's something for everyone at Zoopa's. Bottom line: where we eat is secondary to visiting, but there have to be food choices that work for all of us. --L.

How about a delicious lunch at Spiro's Greek Restaurant in Kent? It is located in the old downtown area, not at the new mall, which is at the north end of town. The food is really yummy and A. could order a green salad with or without a lovely dressing, to her liking, I'm sure. I would much prefer eating here to the food court at Southcenter. I have eaten at Spiro's a number of times and have not been disappointed. --M.

M., you are the one who would need to come from afar so what is it you need to do considering your knee and all? I know you mentioned Kent so you must be doing really well. Maybe we need to pick the area and then the restaurant. We are blessed to live in an area where there are so many choices. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. All six of that will be an accomplishment. This e-mailing back and forth has been fun. Oh, and there are numerous sit-down restaurants at Southcenter with fabulous menus beyond the food court. BJ's is one. Spiros might be good because once the lunch crowd has left they probably wouldn't care if we stayed for hours. So ladies, any more suggestions? --A.

Hi - Would anyone be interested in coming down to my place that day for a potluck luncheon? Everyone could bring a favorite dish, excluding P. She could set the table. I'd provide the drinks, some bread or rolls plus the dessert, as well as free parking, outside dining and male entertainment. That would be (the husband) doing the daily sudoku. Oh and T, could we maybe use your i-phone to skype K. since she'll be out of town? K., will you be somewhere with reception? Ant takers? --L.

I have been driving for a couple of weeks, mostly just around here....After lunch with the sisters, P. and I are headed over to Yakima, so, meeting on your side of the water makes sense for me. I vote for an early lunch, around 11:30. That would allow us time for a nice visit before P. and I head out. By the way, I will be taking the ferry to Seattle rather than driving around....

I made a reservation for the five of us at Caesar's Palace in Vegas.
For those of us that can stay later, I plan on catching the Rod Stewart show.
K., it's not too late for you to join us.
See you on the plane. ( Southwest.)
Cheers. --T.

Sounds awesome and just as well since our male entertainer has ditched the sister luncheon engagement in lieu of a backhoe and 12 yards of fill for our sinkhole out front, and my previous offer of food, free parking and outside dining rapidly deteriorated in no time flat! Vegas, here we come! --L.


(I was joking about Vegas.)
(And I might be busy that day.)


  1. Oh my God. How do you ever get together!

    My suggestion is to get a map, pinpoint each sister, and draw lines or circles to find the mutually shortest distance between you all. At this point, spread a blanket and have a simple picnic (each sister brings their own).

  2. Hilarious! That's wild that you have so many sisters. Must have been an interesting place, to say the least, growing up in your home!

  3. Virtual's the only solution.

  4. Solution idea #46: Go to Whole Foods, let everybody pick out their own lunch, and then picnic in a nearby park.

    Seven Stars Pepper: Definitely not a good place to go if somebody is oil adverse!

  5. loving Tofu Hunter's suggestion. Now, will the weather cooperate? T., your planning travails are no shock to me, having just completed the coordination of a reunion for 10 people. Took me a year. Like herding cats.


    Vegas is sounding better all the time.

  6. How wonderful to have all those sisters even if it is hard to sort out a lunch location!!!

  7. Finally, after suggestions/vetoes of Chinese, Thai, Indian, Greek & "American", it looks like we may have a consensus on a Mexican place.

    Phew! That was exhausting.

  8. T - I've found Doodle works brilliantly for groups - all you do is go to the website - enter four options for eating and get everyone to state their preferences in order - you'll find a majority no trouble. But maybe the emails are part of the fun....