Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Kitchen Mischief

Best when used by. Rich
and creamy. Extra virgin.
Those with sweet flavors.
Double-acting. Will perk up.
Only cold water should be used!

Add hot juice. Beat. Bring to a boil.
As desired. Grease lightly.
Until completely dissolved.
Shake well.
May explode if heated.

A pinch or two.
Gives zest to.
Adds pungency.
Fast rising and active!
Questions? Comments?

Do not use delay timer.
Knead. Let double in size.
Even the most delicate.
Most unadulterated.
Raw & real. Honey.

© T. Clear 2011

(I opened one kitchen cupboard and took notes....)


  1. ...there is such a thing as too much cream.

    (the first time in 37 years I f**ked up a shepherd's pie.)

  2. I could spin this many different ways. Nice job, T.

    Love the exercise - may have to try it sometime if I ever get the energy!

  3. great writing exercise -- I think I'll try it!

  4. I think I'll stick with all sounds too complicated and just a little dangerous.

  5. Clever fun, T. I might have to give this a go, too ; ) The penultimate stanza especially makes me smile!

  6. I think this may be a 'found' poem--but it is wonderful. I love it!

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