Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've not done this:
played music with friends.
I've sung, played piano, sung harmony, but not an instrument with other instruments. Do I have permission to do this? Do I need permission?

Guitar, mandolin, concertina.

I'm new to it all and play badly, and every time J. picked up the beat I'd lose it and my fingers would begin to stumble, tumble, and T. would give me a look like I don't think that's part of the melody and then of course I could barely stop myself from dissolving into laughter. GAWD it was hard to concentrate and not forget fuck-all. To makes things worse, really bad, they decided that I was the one to follow because the concertina is dominant and I HADN'T A CLUE.


We were in luck.
The music police weren't patrolling that street; no one banged on the door demanding cessation; the two other musicians were patient; our audience of ONE was very mellow.

But when it worked, when I hit the right buttons and J. and T. hit the right chords, it was a hallelujah moment, an I-can-barely-sit-still-for-this-joy moment.

The question, of course, is Why Did I Wait So Long To Do This?

(I'm not sure why All The Upper Case Letters but sometimes they just leap to the fingertips and demand to make their presence known.)

Anyway, I survived.
And here is John Boutte in NOLA singing his version of Hallelujah (a song which has been covered at least 200 times):


  1. Guitar, mandolin, and squeeze box, sounds like an interesting combo. Have you given yourselves a name yet?

  2. Hallelujah!!! wonderful wonderful - I tried to jam with a friend the other day = me on bass and her on the bongos! it kinda worked, but it was fun, we're old school friends and had never done it before EVER. next time... (-:

  3. Wonderful--yes, when music made with others clicks, it really is a hallelujah moment--& it can be a lot of fun given the right attitude even if it's not hallelujah all the way thru! Good for you.

    No permission is required, by the way : )

  4. What great fun! I had a chance in North Carolina to sit in with a group and I declined because it's just been too long and I knew I was outta my league. Nevertheless, I had a grand time listening to them!

    Practice will make it all easier, my dear, and those great moments, more frequent. I applaud your courage and your sense of adventure.

  5. Great song--good on you for having a go. I'm just learning the ukelele--I've given this a go, alone, with the windows closed and the door shut.

  6. Harvey: windows closed and the door shut: ha. I'm hoping to be able to open everything without fear come spring on my side of the planet. Good luck with the uke.