Friday, November 25, 2011

Post T.G....

....and the pecan pie is gone.


Nonetheless, it was a grand feast for the six of us, my dining room aglow with new paint, the furniture in a yet new configuration, candles lit for the comfort they offer. The kitchen hummed with cooking.

Earlier I clipped the last of the cosmos from the garden, a sprig of borage and two sprigs of pink valerian. Meager, but still in bloom.

My massive harvest of five sugar pumpkins yielded squash for pie. Fresh sage for stuffing, parsley from my neighbor Candy's garden.

For the first time ever I love my house.

I am grateful for it.

Grateful for my convivial, big-laughing, handsome sons.
For the friends who came bearing vodka and vino: grateful for their reliably generous and loving hearts.

I would not have guessed -- a year ago -- that T.G. would be hosted this year in this reconfigured house, this life-under-construction. But here we are, here I am, and (dare I say) it's a good thing.


  1. Good for you, T. The best bit to me sounds like the laughing handsome sons. One of my greatest pleasures of fathership (?) was when my children developed 'HUMOUR'. It seemed like a massive success.

  2. Bless you, T. Your generosity of spirit is inspiring.

    Earlier this week, a friend said to me 'Happiness comes from gratitude, rather than the other way round.' Indeed it does. xo

  3. Sounds good. My wife, daughter and I (son's elsewhere)are going to a T.G. dinner tonight in Paris, hosted by some American friends. We feel very honoured to be invited; lots of Americans do T.G. on the weekend as Thursday is just an ordinary day to the French.

    PS As you know, my blog is but Blogger insists on giving my old blog address which is closed.

  4. So glad you had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.

  5. who could have guessed, indeed? I was in a similar position, post separation this holiday, and my sister put on a lovely spread and we all had a good time.

    Life changes on a dime, as you well know. Thank goodness for all those good people that ARE in your life, T. And thank goodness for YOU.