Monday, November 28, 2011

Melinda and I are doing a holiday show at the Rainier Club in downtown Seattle tomorrow afternoon. Check it out here.

We've been advised to wear "business casual", but since neither of us had any inclination to go out and purchase a "business casual" ensemble for a three-hour gig, we both decided, instead, to go, um, "artistic". Which means, to us, "normal".

My own composed attire will include the "recycled" skirt that I bought yesterday at Value Village for $4.99.

The Rainier Club is very Olde Seattle. Exclusive. Moneyed. I figure that we artists are going to be their little December sideshow. Exotic! Quirky!

But as long as they wield their wallets generously, I won't be complaining. Their money is green.

And we're allowed one complementary cocktail each. Woot! Party!


  1. I very much like the sound of both 'Value Village', and 'The Rainier Club'. Good luck (or should one say 'break a vase'?)

  2. Sounds like your outfit is "business casual" for an artist!

  3. I think that business casual and artistic intersect, at the point where someone buys an art object. I know you two will look perfect for the occasion! sp

  4. artists to not conform to business is not in our genes, so to speak!

    Hope you sell lots and lots of beautiful glassware!

  5. Now, please, don't go pilfering the towels and silverware! And don't be wearing a "I'm an Occupier" button.