Thursday, November 17, 2011

Minus Poundage + Youth

I've shed more than a few #'s in the past seven months, and suddenly realized (or, rather, it was pointed out to me by MMW), that most of my clothing is literally falling off me.

And then this week when I tossed the last of the summer things to the back of the closet, there remained but a handful of things actually in my size. I know, I know -- I should be rejoicing in the New & Improved Me. It's just that the journey (which I've been advised to trust) has been a chapter straight out of hell. (The Ninth Circle, to be exact.)

Okay. This is really boring.

This is not boring -- came home tonight to this framed photo, a birthday present from my son Nelson:

In September he did something called "Warrior Dash" -- an "extreme 5k dash from hell". And although the photo is obviously photo-shopped, he really did leap over fire, muddy legs and all, carrying a beer the entire way.

Yes. That's my boy.

Damn -- to be 23 again!


  1. Wow. I don't know what to say other than your "boy" is a looker, to say the least.

  2. I have days that feel like that picture sometimes...

  3. When you're going through hell, keep going.

  4. it seems we have the same son.

    nice pic!

  5. An all action photo!

    Heartbreak is the most painful weight loss program ever devised by man.

    Love, C.

  6. Send someone a photo of the new and improved you all glammed up to the nines on the arm of a stunner with the caption "look what you're missing". Then pour yourself another glass of wine and smile sweetly.

  7. and yes.............I AM evil.

  8. ah, you are on the infamous divorce diet. i know it well. treat yourself to some new clothes -- you'll feel great!

    Your son is awesome in this photo - big balls in cow town!

  9. Hi T - stunning action pic!

    re; hell, I keep thinking of the smush in the chrysalis; of those imaginal discs knowing exactly what to do in the midst of the apparent mess and chaos; the miracle that emerges at the end of it all.

    ". . . During the development of the adult, the chrysalsid loses nearly half of its weight. If you were to weigh a chrysalid 3 days after it formed, and then weigh the adult about 24 hours after it emerges, it would have lost nearly half its weight. This shows that the process of metamorphosis consumes a tremendous amount of energy. . . "

    Thinking of you xo