Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A multitude of mushrooms....

....and a secret passage to the center of the earth.


  1. Lovely, lovely mushrooms, and I especially love that you recognize a secret passage when you see one!

  2. these are gorgeous, T. that seattle weather...

  3. Way back when I wrote poetry, I wrote one about a mushroom:

    Chanterelle, the forest fish,
    noses through fir needles
    for mossy air.
    It travels in schools
    around rotting stumps,
    a chunky golden pad with gills.
    Chanterelle, the spore mouse,
    hides beneath ferns
    on dripping autumn mornings,
    concealing an oyster-pale body,
    revealing a toasted marshmallow head.
    Chanterelle: pushed up from black earth,
    disdaining chlorophyll,
    squeezed out of dark forest roots
    and molded into cup shapes,
    for your fingers.