Friday, January 10, 2014



Every word I type feels spun-dry of intention, of inspiration.

The cats have it right: sleep.

Reports of the Aurora Borealis visible tonight from around these parts, but I'll have to go with imagination only, as we're socked-in up to the eyelids with cloudcloudcloud. The Borealis is on my  list of Things To Do in this lifetime, assuming, of course, that this is all we get. But what if we get more? What if this is just the prelude, the preparation? Not one to give in to Christian notions of an everlasting afterlife, this seems, of course, preposterous. But what if something else exists,  something that requires a vocabulary, a type of "seeing" that we are as yet unable to comprehend?

Oh, these Friday night ramblings will only get me into trouble. Better to shut this whole thing down and go to bed, let the subconscious do its uncensored ruminations.

'Nite, then.


  1. So many people are having a rough time right now with so many issues, from health to problem$ with their home$ and even getting to work if we're fortunate enough to have work to get to. This winter's lurching extremities have made things far worse than usual. Today we're in the 60's, while the first days of the week were so far below freezing we froze -- particularly as the heat then went out in the building -- as it oddly enough always does when the temps fall to 30 and under. On top of his health problems, while having 3 hours already for an appointment scheduled for 8 AM, outside the hospital's waiting room, a suicide plunged from the atrium's walk way to the lobby floor. Everyone around and in the waiting room witnessed this, from patients, to staff to medical personnel. That was how yesterday began for him. It didn't get better. That's only one example.

    No wonder I dreamed last night of spring, and somehow having acquired a motorcycle, which I was riding on a gravel road through green fields and flowers growing in the ditches on either side. The sky was blue and the sun was so golden!

    Love, C.

  2. I love these ruminations. Go ahead, spin them out. I'm here, reading.

    Happy 2014.

  3. I like your ramblings -- the one about "the afterlife," especially.