Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm Listening....

I was in that place, last night, that place between being awake and being fully asleep when dream images flash across the semi-lucid landscape of the mind at an alarming speed, and suddenly there was my mother rising up from her chair, looking at me straight-on and smiling, and saying, T., I have something to tell you —! And I yanked myself out from that not-dream, that not-yet-sleep and sat up fully awake, fully lucid and said What? What do you want to say? I'm listening!


  1. Ack! So close and yet so far! Home she comes back and tells you.

    1. Me too! It's been a long time.....

    2. ps, Tara, did you notice your typo?

      *Home* she comes back and tells you.

      Home she comes, indeed, back from the dead!

  2. Every time I open your blog and see the beautiful color scheme and whatever dreamy photo you have at the top, it's like I'm diving into the best dream -- thank you.

  3. Elizabeth is right, this is a dreamy destination, the images, colors and your words.
    This post? Gave me chills. A similar experience is what led me to start writing on Blogger, and my first few posts are about my mysterious dream visit. Mine was a little more inexplicable than a dream, it was a waking dream, in that I actually woke up, while my long dead grandmother rubbed my arm and told me she was sorry, so sorry sweetie, and I still wonder 6 years later what for? I assumed at the time that she was telling me I'd have early onset dementia, or maybe it was because my Dad was dying, but I still can't understand what happened, only wonder what it meant, or what really happened. I feel certain she visited me, desperate to tell me something that didn't come through.

    I hope you get the rest of the message.

  4. Mel, against a good measure of reason, I too believe that these are visitations. And the optimist in me also believes that the messages (even though in both your case and mine, remain unknown) can more often than not be positive in nature.