Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another restaurant recommendation:
Sichuanese (sp?)Cuisine, also on the northwest corner of 12th and Jackson. Hole in the wall, perhaps ten tables. The kitchen tends to spill out into the seating area; tonight there was a table -- seemingly abandoned -- of Chinese long beans in the process of being chopped up. Prices are low, service is very friendly but the order of serving is sometimes mixed up -- tonight our soup was served last. But the food is consistently marvelous. Try the Dried Fried Chicken or the Kung Pao Fish. The potstickers are made in-house, and come twenty to the platter for $4.50. My brave sister Mary tried to order one of the specials (written in Chinese, which none of us know) and the waitress wouldn't let her! Told her that she wouldn't like it. Last time I was there, Reilly ordered an item off the specials list, and the same waitress tried the same stunt on him, but he insisted. When they brought the dish out, several other employees gathered round our table to see our reaction -- and were stunned when we liked it! (I wish I recalled what it was; all I remember is something pickled, served hot in a spicy sauce.) No alcohol except for beer. The bill tonight for the three of us -- we were stuffed to the gills,
and there were lots of leftovers -- was $28 before tip.

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