Saturday, June 30, 2007

From The Mayo News, Tuesday, June 20, 2007....
(with a few edits!)

Second Lyons Sister is Laid to Rest in Aghamore

Last Wednesday, Mary Ellen Lyons was buried alonside
her sister Agnes, who was the subject of an inquest
in August 2003, where it was discovered that Agnes
had lay dead in her bedroom fro over a year, and
had died of self-neglect.

Parish priest Fr. John Walsh said, "I visited Mary
on a number of occasions but still find it hard
to understand the situation that existed..."

Michael 'Sonny' Lyons said he had little or no
contact with his sisters for a number of years
until he found Mary sick in the bathroom
at approx. 11am on August 4, 2003. He went to
find Agnes in order to get help, but got a shock
when he opened the bedroom door.

"That wasd the first time I had been inside the
girls' room for about 20 years...."

The death of Agnes Lyons caused great sorrow, grief,
speculation, media intrusions, accusations, bewilder-
ment and profound sadness.

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