Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My friend Cezanne says, "as for the bakery, it'll fold
like stiff egg whites into the souffle that flopped...."

All morning the lambs -- those that were spared
the spring slaughter -- race up and down the hill
across the cove, tails pinswheeling.

Westport -- population 4500 -- has its own
radio station, which I've been enjoying immensely
because of all the invaluable information
it broadcasts, such as the obituaries:
"The death has occured of Mary Margaret O'Sullivan.
Reposing at her residence until 2pm today.....
remains arriving.......removal at eight, etc.
The death has occured of..... etc.
The death has occured of.......etc.
May their souls rest in peace.
The time now is nine minutes after ten."

And then there was the Lost Animal Report,
(two black dogs, medium sized, last seen in Castlebar)
and the Happy Birthday Report.

At noon:
"We're pausing for the angels."
(Followed by a dozen bell peals.)

The following is a list of items one may lose:
(feel free to add your own)
1. head
2. keys
3. mind
4. patience
5. train of thought
6. track of time
7. sanity
8. all semblance of order
9. heart
10. hope
11. faith
12. money
13. ones fortune
14. a competition
15. weight
16. ones way
17. the will to live
18. power
19. sheep ie., Bo Peep
20. marbles
21. hearing
22. sense of smell
23. sight
24. sight
25. touch
26. hair
27. youth
28. good looks
29. virginity
30. wits
31. innocence
32. place in a book
33. the war
34. one's lunch
35. homework
36. sense of humor
37. sense of direction
38. virtue
39. everything

If the plural of octopus if octopi,
is then the singular of apple pie applepus?
Pecanpus? Chocolate Creampus?
(This from Paul, upon waking, after his recounting
of his dream of octopi growing in the earth, only
the legs emerging from fertile soil....)


  1. Top o the morning, T.
    Yesterday I saw a baby rabbit on the grass at Microsoft. Small enough to hold in me hand. I'm working essentially across the street from Paul's house, we ought to have lunch some tme.
    - beast

  2. I thought of some others (loss of...) but now those are lost as well...