Monday, June 25, 2007

Lunch today at Sol Rio, an incredible bargain
in this country where the dollar is worth shite.
I had a smoked haddock and salmon fish-bake, served
in a tomato cream sauce, gratineed; buttered & parsleyed
boiled potatoes; and pea pods, julienned carrots,
cauliflower and broccoli on the side. Paul's Irish trout
came in a large shallow bowl, veg. on the bottom
and fish stacked on top, bits of bacon, chives,
pea pods clock-worked out around the edge.
All this for under twenty euro.
For that price, at most restaurants in town
one would be lucky to get a sandwich
and the ever-present chips (French fries).

Dinner tonight at Ian and Mina's across
the cove. At eight. Very civilised.

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