Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pony Trekking! Anya,
the eighteen-year-old neighbor
from across the cove,
took me out today on her
1/2 Clydesdale & 1/2 Cobb horse.
Anya walked as this creaky
50-year-old contorted
herself into unnatural
positions atop 'Belle.'
Amazing how the view improves just a little bit
elevated above the fuschia hedgerows and stone walls!
No trotting or cantering because the bridle fell
apart, but we plan to go out again on Thursday
if I'm not sore beyond repair. Jack the dog
accompanied us, and was pursued by every
aggressive mongrel along the way. (Jack is a lovely
passive border collie with one blue eye and one brown.
Passive, that is, when it comes to other dogs,
not sheep!) Took a detour off the narrow country
lane down a path between ancient gnarled trees,
through nettles and meadowsweet, to an abandoned
twenty-acre pasture bordered on one side
by saltwater, in search of seals. Anya told me
that recently she and a friend were swimming there
with the horses and two seals approached
to a distance of about ten feet, and just floated
close to them, quite interested in the floating

Dinner last night at the O'Neal's/Hicks, along
with Pat and Ann Fadden. We ate and ate and told
jokes and drank and drank. At one point and for
some odd reason I had two wine glasses which were
being refilled regularly by Ian and Ann. After
feasting on two desserts -- a cookie-crust/berry/
cream concoction and then peach pie, Mina brought
out a platter of Irish cheeses, butter, crackers.
They rolled us out the door well past midnight.
Luckily the walk up the driveway to our house
was short in the encompassing dark.

A slow morning. Delivery of a coffee table
purchased at the Saturday market. Naps.


  1. oooh, I fancy myself a horse women/cowgirl. Maybe next life.
    I love reading & seeing your adventures.
    I hope for my own again one day in the not too distant future.
    In the meantime, there are dots, and designs, and colors, and phonecalls and errands to be run. Not to mention sandblasting and peeling and dremeling & polishng & packing & shipping (did I mention materials management?)...
    ahhhh, the exotic life of an artist.
    and not to mention envisioning next years line.
    good news: more re-orders. Job security for now.
    And Deadwood on DVD.
    more good news?
    Gin still exisits.
    queen schlepper-grunt bee Melinda
    ps. are you coming home?
    It's almost Gaspacho season, you really don't want to miss that... REALLY.

  2. Haven't forgotten about y'all
    back in Seattle. Nor have I
    forgotten your soda bread.
    See you on the 4th.