Saturday, June 9, 2007

My laptop screen went black this morning....
couldn't get my morning computer fix, although
I did manage to make an Americano,
but there wasn't enough milk to sufficiently
whiten and soften it, so I rummaged
in the merry-go-round shelf in the cupboard
and discovered a can of evaporated milk....
ah, memories of cafe au lait.
I turned on the monstrously immense old computer
downstairs, which, alas, was not hooked up
to the internet, and which, alas, I could not remedy,
what with the snake-pit of cords beneath it.
(Unintelligible words like ether and linksys and portswitch
and booster and d-link.) I began to get really antsy. No e'mail!
No blog! No Paris Hilton update! Then I remembered
that there were at least three more computers
in my house (one per boy), and possibly more.
Which slumbering lump of testosterone-riddled flesh
should I choose to rouse? Nelson, ever-ready
to assist his technology-barren mother, was the winner!
Yay Nelson! Hip hip! Now it's type-o-rama while the sparkle
of my newly-sized engagement ring (thank-you, Paul!)
lights the gloom of this storm-impending June morning.
It looks like November out there.
A good day for a cake, or perhaps a pie. Or scones.

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