Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hoo hoo! It's happened! I've hit the society pages
of a Seattle magazine!

Okay. Let's be realistic. On page 49 of the November
issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine is a half-page
piece on the Floating Bridge Press Great Art Party
which took place in September. Three photos:
a lovely shot of Genevieve Church's goblet,
a 2x3" mug of Jeff Crandall (Mr. Art Party)
and a shot taken from the balcony at The Armory
looking down at the general scene of art/party-goers,
and waaaaaaay in the back is me (or, at least, my head)
measuring at least 1x1 millimeter. Not exactly
a glam pic, but, hey, I'm bigger than a pinhead.
(But just barely.) Hoo hoo.

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