Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not cake, not today.

My sister Ann called me at eight this morning
(to wish me Happy Fifty One Years) --I was still in bed,
processing the remnnants of yet another very odd dream
where I was showering in my car while driving.
Very difficult to do -- when you close the shower curtain
you can't see where you're going. Also difficult to soap up
when sitting down with a steering wheel in your lap.
My horoscope today said I will invent something
in a dream which will lead me to riches. I don't think
this is it. I hope not.


I began making my own birthday cake at age twelve,
when my mother (who did not particularly like cake)
refused to make a cake from scratch. I have done this
every year since then, but this year I'm going to take
an extra-long walk this morning instead. And yes,
I will miss that cake. Golden Butter Cake, with bittersweet
ganache icing. Yeah baby. Even good the second day,
and the third, sliced, warmed in the microwave
for about twenty seconds. Oh my.


  1. Happy Birthday! With or without cake (and ice cream).

  2. Happy birthday T. Hope you had a ice walk!

  3. Joannie and Pam....thank-you!
    (As a cake substitute I did have
    4 mini almond joy bars.....)

  4. T that is only one American size candy bar. You could have done better than that being that this is your 51st Birthday.

  5. oh T. had cake. and ice cream, and maritinis, (not to mention tofu and prawns and eggplant and mushrooms and squid and rolls (yumm) and and and I hope she felt adequately feted (missing the little hats over the e's). and did I mention the pomogranate & kumquat martinis???? well, did I? No?

    I feel feted and it wasn't even my birthday.

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  7. Oh T., how I wish I could have celebrated with you last night!!! Know that you (as Melinda said) were wonderfully feted, as you so deserve. Much love to you, dear Sis!

  8. Happy Birthday T!

    sorry I forgot....
    to the old supper club days.

    ms. karen