Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nails. Roofing nails. Sheetrock nails.
With and without heads. With funny little grooves.
Short, long, featherweight, thunky.
I don't need any of these nails which live
in my basement. I have on my desk a small
compartmentalized plastic box of picture-hanging nails
which I purchased at Lowe's, which I use. Probably
enough in that box to last my lifetime. But the thousands
of nails in my basement sit in their rumpled paper bags
or their Folgers cans, doing nothing. I don't want them.
Today I brought my neighbor a glass punch cup
filled with many sizes of nails. She told me that she
needed one the other day, and had none. So now, she, too,
has a lifetime supply. I don't do garage sales. I don't
post on Craig's list. Do you want some nails?


  1. oh honey. craig's list can be your best friend when you have useful-to-others stuff.
    offer it up free and someone will fetch it in a jiffy. i had strangers come and haul away the entire rickety fence, others dig up and haul patio brick, a lovely generation something mega-tattooed woman come and meticulously remove every neatly piled scrap of sod left over from laying the yard. and even the leftovers from my big sheetrock redo were claimed by a woman wanting to redo the kitchen backsplash and the cut-ups were just fine thank you. you'd be surprised how satisying it can be without the added steps of riddence-good without hauling to the dump, and how happy you make the lucky to receive.
    you also meet interesting people in a moment of time that make for good lessons on the ways of the world, and find gratitude for what you have, and are.
    just sayin'

  2. mine was obviously not edited for grammar, now that i see it in daylight. sorry, dear LM (language mavin)...