Monday, November 5, 2007

"What is a liar? Someone who tells the truth
about something that never happened."
--Glen Hansard (of The Swell Season and The Frames
and the movie Once)....crazy Irishman, singer, guitar
player, songwriter, teller of tales....tonight at The Moore.
Makes me lonely for Ireland.


  1. T-
    Were you at the Glen Hansard concert?
    Roy and I were there but we had to leave before they started!
    I had an accident in the womens bathroom. I was in a very small stall, and had to pee urgently as I had waited in line forever! Any how I bent over very quickly to pull down my tights and Blambo! I hit my head on the door latch! It hurt really bad, I saw stars, and there was blood everywhere! I applied pressure with my trusty scarf and wandered out into the crowd to find Roy. We had to leave and go to the ER. Whaaaah! I was so bummed! But now I have a very interesting scar on my right eyebrow. I was so glad that Roy was there.
    Anyhow, did you hear the concert?

  2. Whoa, Chrissie! Glad you're okay, but what a drag! The concert was absolutely wonderful. You can download an east-coast version of it on