Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was asleep this morning, deeply, when I was overcome
by a conscious urgency to awaken, to open my eyes, right now:
my upper floor bedroom was glowing in pink light.
I flung open the curtains beside my bed and the horizon
was brush-stroked with reds, fuschias, oranges.
Cold! I nestled back into blankets, watched the sun rise
above urban rooftops, above the Cascades.
And just as quickly it faded to greys and a dull blue, show over.
Alice-the-cat, old old cat, nestled at my shoulder
with a purr that sounds half-purr, half popcorn-popping.
Time for coffee and simmered oats.


  1. Dean and I were up early and saw the sky this morning. It was amazing, wasn't it?

  2. What was really amazing was how quickly it faded.