Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After much patience, summer has at last arrived here in the Pacific Northwest -- but I won't hold my breath because it could just as easily vanish. I awoke today to sun in the Japanese maple, and danced my way down to coffee and breakfast. And now, hours later, glass of wine in hand, I listen to the neighbor girl practice Mozart on her piano, a particular joy now that the windows are all flung wide: open song. We are creatures of the earth, and we love the wide blue of a summer sky.


  1. We are lucky, aren't we? I gather it's going to get hotter over the next few days, but so far we aren't being hit with the terrible heat the the eastern part of the continent is experiencing. So far, here on Vancouver Island, it's just beautiful.

  2. Stinking hot here. It reminds me why we put in the pool.

    Bisou, Cro

  3. Summer with a vengeance in Niagara on the Lake. Too hot for open windows, we sit trapped in air-conditioned homes. We long for Mother Nature's more gentle side of the season.

  4. It's freezing here in New Zealand, no open windows, no blue sky in sight. Walked the dog in the freezing rain today and took an hour to warm up afterwards. Winter with a vengeance and no end in sight...

  5. Please send some of your warmth and blue our way, T? (Although I have to say Dunedin has been bright and rain-free the past few days. The ground is still soggy from the weeks preceding this, however.) Lovely to think of you all enjoying your summer - and better where you are in Seattle than in NY where they're experiencing a heat wave with dreadfully high humidity?


    wv. ovent

  6. weather report from Maine: yesterday was oppressive and thickly hot; today, the breeze is blowing in off the
    cove and the air is fresh and quiet. Happy summer days to all of you, far-flung writer friends!

  7. Ireland: our dry, sunny spring has broken. We are into breezy, drizzling weather; still not enough rain to put water in the rivers. I'm still off to fish the mouth of the river for a sea trout today.
    We are creatures of the seasons, are we not?

  8. A dry sunny spring in Westport? And I missed it? Aaarrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Kingsville, TX, it's 90 degrees with 62% humidity. Have a nice day, Dad!

  9. It topped out at 103 here yesterday.

    If we're lucky today we'll only get to like 98,

    Love, C.