Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh, happy!

My handsome son made me dinner tonight!
We ate in the backyard of the Brandon Street house,
in "the jungle", which used to be a yard but now
is a tangle of grape vines, kiwi vines, lemon balm,
clematis, pink lavatera and the ever-present
scourge of bindweed aka morning glory.
It is, though, very private.


  1. What a treat to eat dinner in your own home jungle, T - esp. when it's been prepared by your very handsome son.

    We are both blessed to have sons who enjoy cooking ; ) Lucky, happy us...

  2. Indeed handsome. What did he prepare? I see the salad, bread, but is that chicken?

  3. CP -- yes, it's chicken. And I admit it's the first time I've had lite beer. Ha!

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  5. Hey, he is pretty cute! And cooks for his mom? You lucky girl.

  6. I AM a lucky girl! I feel a lot of gratitude for the fact that I have the privilege of being a mother.