Friday, July 23, 2010

Le Dejeuner

July in Seattle: it's too chilly to sit outside
and eat lunch at Le Pichet; we shivered in the breeze
to wait for a table inside -- six of us: Paul, my boys,
my sister, and my niece in town for a few days
from Ottawa.

Most of us ordered from the charcuterie
board. I had pâté Albigeois, rillettes de porc and
Saucisse Lyonnaise. I violated my Cardinal Rule No. 1
(absolutely no wine at lunch) and three of us
shared a bottle of white Burgundy. Nap time!

A spirited conversation, luckily, kept me awake,
and included such subjects as The United States
Constitution, the benefits of Canadian citizenship,
iPhones, baggage fees, Paul's graduate school program,
what not to say while going through airport security
(ie: "I have a BIG KNIFE in my purse/pocket/panties.")
and the fact that chocolat chaud is merely a seductive
way to say 'chocolate pudding'.


  1. The charcuterie plate had the major food groups: protein (meat and poultry), poultry, greens (cornichons, aka those little pickle things), and starch (baguette). Delicious and nutritious!

  2. I recently gave up charcuterie, cheese, and duck, and lost a considerable amount of weight. But what do I do with all those jars of home-made paté with foie gras that are sitting in the cupboard, staring at me. OK, I have to be prepared to put some weight back on again. Such is life!

  3. Hey Cro, you can send of those jars down my way!!

    The lunch, the company, the wine: perfect day.