Saturday, July 24, 2010

True Love

Friday, while walking the aisles at the Bellevue Arts Fair, I spotted a handwoven rug nearly identical to one my late husband brought home sometime in the mid 1980's, which he'd acquired at a shop in Pioneer Square in Seattle. Delighted to meet the artist/weaver (Kimberly Morris from Wallowa, Oregon), I told her that I had one of her rugs. She was interested in the details of where/when I'd acquired it, and said that it couldn't possibly be one of hers, because she'd not been in the business that long. Then she added, "but how sad that your husband passed away!" I told her, yes, it was sad, but not to worry, as I'd met another man and was happily remarried. She replied, "So it is possible to find true love!"

So I told her that P. and I met on, which she admitted that, as a single woman, she'd considered it, but found the whole online dating thing a little scary. I assured her that it's a little (or a lot) scary to most people when they try it the first time, but once you get going on it, it's not at all intimidating, and in fact becomes a little addictive, and actually fun. I encouraged her to give it a try, and she seemed hopeful.

I said, "You're going to go on and find your own true love, all because of a rug my late husband didn't buy from you in 1984!"

(Saturday, I brought P. to her booth and introduced him as "evidence" that does indeed work.)

I must admit that at moments like this, when a spontaneous human connection occurs with a stranger, I find myself truly in love with the world.


  1. Damning evidence, probably.

  2. Did you take the rug along to show her too?

  3. Oh, how strange...I was just wondering the other day how you and Paul met!!! Now I know. My wife and I met on an on-line dating site as well. The rug is gorgeous, btw.

    If you're open, these meetings with strangers are truly remarkable. Our connection with one another does restore one's faith in human kind.


  4. That's a great little story. I like the rug, it has a Rothko feel about it. Did you buy it?

    Bisou, Cro.