Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I had hoped to discover in my tiger lily glen:

Midsummer Eve Fairies, by Edward Robert Hughes.


  1. I found a fairy ring 2 years ago under the hemlock tree in my front yard. The Surfer photographed it. We were both in awe that it showed up that it was an almost perfect circle and we knew it held a great deal of magic.


    wv: terses (that's almost you!)

  2. I thought that's what (in your mind) you DID find. Cro.

  3. RK -- photo? (And 'terses' is certainly one of the many misspellings of my name.)

    Cro, well, I think you've pointed out a flaw in memory, what happens when the middle-aged mind recalls what the child's mind perceived. You're absolutely correct, of course!

  4. I still look for fairies. I think that's why we plant flower gardens -- to give shelter to the fairies. ;>)