Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sandal-shopping today at the mall,
the choice seemed to be limited to two options:
a. dominatrix
b. slave-girl

Guess which one I chose?!!
Not these --

Nor these:

And, alas, not these, which seem to be suffering from an identity crisis:


  1. Ah, but which one goes best with wool socks?

  2. They all look so unbelievably uncomfortable!!!

  3. In Dublin's Temple Bar area, they have these rough cobblestones, which makes Manolo Blahnik high heels EVEN MORE of a challenge to walk in. Even before they start drinking, the girls are staggering.

  4. at least the flats won't get you killed. I find it humorous (in a sad sort of way) to watch women teeter on their high high heals. Life is waaaayyy to short for this silliness.

  5. I kind of like the top ones... with some nice jeans? But then, you know I like odd things... They would be next to impossible to walk in though.

  6. Will, appropriate question, considering this wintry July 4th we're experiencing...

    Jacqueline, I plucked these photos from google images, so I can't identify the designers. Thanks for stopping by!

    Cro, well, yes. That was my main dilemma, believe it or not.

    Sean, I'm impressed by that fact that you, as a man, can conjure the name of Manolo Blahnik!

    Tara, Paul and I had dinner recently at McCormick & Schmick's in downtown Bellevue, and snagged a table by the windows. It was a veritable sideshow of teetering and tottering poseurs in their spiky, tippy heels.

    Melinda, you should be thankful that they're not orange!

  7. Sean, they're staggeringly beautiful Irish girls to start with!

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  9. I read VOGUE for fun. The social columns are hilarious... if not always meant so. And the photography is great. I skip the section on beauty products, though, and I am amazed that intelligent women submit to the M-A-N-O-L-O B-L-A-H-N-I-K, J-I-M-M-Y C-H-O-O thing. (Did I do okay that time?)

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  11. I saw a girl in Vegas this weekend wearing something very similar to that last pair and as you can imagine, that was one of the more mundane accessories I spied this weekend.