Tuesday, January 4, 2011


P. and I had two consecutive Ireland summers with camera fatalities:

1. Mine leapt to its death in a Westport carpark;
2. P. dropped his in a toilet at Yeat's gravesite;
3. P. lost his next camera in a sweater shop in the Aran Islands.

The camera gods were not looking down on us with benevolence.

At Aran Islands Sweater Market on Inishmore, P. left the clerk his email and home addresses, in case the camera showed up. And it did indeed show up, on New Year's Eve, via the U.S. Postal Service. Neatly packed in a box, all 500+ photos intact. Sixteen months after he lost it.

There was no note enclosed, but our guess is that it slipped down between fixtures, and made its appearance when things were getting moved around. Needless to mention that we are delighted and astonished! Now we are camera-rich, and, as always, have only good things to say about the Irish.


  1. Nice story with a good ending. I once found a camera and reported it to the police. No-one ever claimed it and I still have it. I did, however, develop the film, and it seemed to have been owned by a female Swedish student. If you're out there......

  2. Such a sparkling thing to experience in these days of darkness! Humanity can still shine a bright light.

  3. The Universe has no concept of our measure called time. I can't help feeling however, that because of this good deed Life isn't some how more in balance for all of us.

  4. A wonderful true-life story, T - such kindness. I agree with Jacqueline; a good deed such as this one restores the balance for all of us. I'd love to see a couple of the pics Paul's camera kept for you for those sixteen months. . . xo