Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's January.


In other news, we've had snow, soft pellets -- unsifted confectioner's sugar -- which have lingered for a week --

Woods walk --

A few small puddly ponds have frozen and I'm six years old again, crackling the edges and tossing pebbles which skip off the translucent surface.

I'm enamored of leaves suspended below the surface,
of ice shards cracked away and refrozen.

Sugared ferns --

Looking for the beautiful in what I otherwise think of as the grimmest of months.


  1. great images and narrative...we've got to find the good in the winter months or we'd go nutso. Love the chilly images.

  2. That snow in your first image certainly is bizarre; I've not seen it like that before.

    When I go for my daily walks, I ALWAYS take a walking stick (I've done this since I was was about 10). There is nothing more pleasant than poking a small hole in an iced over puddle as one passes. It's a bit like like claiming it as 'Mine'.

  3. well how can you not take pleasure, with such lovely sights? (patterns! light and dark! cold on my cheeks! even, dare I say... dots!). goodnight.