Sunday, January 30, 2011


First there was a cafe, with Red Pepper Bisque (which I did not order)...

And then a humble still life...

Followed by a stroll about Capitol Hill...

And a visit to St. Ignatius Chapel...

Textured walls...

Things made of glass...

And more things made of glass...

And odd things that swirl endlessly, whose images refuse to upload. Damnation.


  1. If I see salt and pepper pots (like those above) on a table, I always know I'm going to eat well!

  2. Thank heavens for you, T.


    re; your last post. . . I don't like sharing dessert when I go out, either - too rare a treat! L, C xo

  3. perhaps the others will upload with time and tweaking. In the meantime, these are mysterious and artful, and oh so wonderful!

  4. Tara, it's a video, and I can't seem to load videos from iPhoto to blogger w/o first posting them on You Tube, which I don't necessarily want to do.

  5. Hi T - re; uploading videos from iPhoto to your blog. . . there's a way to get around the while YouTube thing. This is how I do it -

    Click on the video clip as usual. (I don't know if you use a Mic or a PC, but this how it works on my Mac. . .) Videos in iPhoto open in Quicktime. Go up to the tool bar at the top of your screen and click on 'File', then scroll down to 'share'. Click on 'share' and a little window will open up giving you the option of titling your clip and compressing it into a small, medium or large file. Generally, 'small' is a good size for emailing clips, and 'medium' or 'large' for uploading to the web. Choose the size you want and you'll find the video clip then gets exported/embedded into an email for 'sending.' I then highlight the small vid. screen in the email and drag it onto my desktop. Once it's on your desktop, you can do anything you like with it, including upload it directly to your blog - voila!

    Hope this helps -
    Love, C xo

  6. '... the while YouTube thing'?

    'tis still early in NZ - this kind of misspelling thing happens when you're still in your pjs ; ) xo

  7. The humble still life grabbed hold of me.