Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the Archives

I've been fooling myself these past few years that I've winnowed away lots of stuff from the Brandon Street house. Indeed, I've carted away boxes and boxes and boxes to Goodwill and even more to the dump. But the stuff, so far, is winning. Twice in the past two weeks I've filled my car with yet more boxes to disseminate, and I'm astonished at what I have NOT done and been rid of yet. Twenty, thirty + years of accumulations, and from someone who is not necessarily a good consumer AND who has regularly cleaned-out and disposed-of. This is true: I need less, and even less than that. I rarely even go into a store these days, except to purchase edibles or household necessities. I recycle, I reuse, I resew. And still, my mountain (range) of possessions has grown larger than I ever imagined it would. But it's getting mined, bucket by bucket.

(But I'm pleased as punch that I didn't ditch my "I buy logs" business card.)


  1. Call me T. No one purges better than I. I'll have you sorted in the wink of an eye. All for the price of a good hom-made meal and a glass of wine and maybe a little vacuuming.

  2. Ah, a good purge. Amazing how stuff piles up.....sometimes I have given away things that - a year later - I said, "Oh, if only I still had that!" It's a rarity, though. And, as a renter, I move often enough, that accumulate little because I'll be damned if I have to move it to another house!

  3. O Jacqueline! Jacqueline! I'm calling!

  4. Maybe I could borrow your business card. I too buy logs.

    It's amazing how much stuff comes into a house, and how little goes out! The world must be filled with homes about to burst.

  5. When I moved 16 months ago I thought I'd given away my I have more than ever. How did that happen? I only buy groceries!

    ps. my word verification is "sista", sista!

  6. T, 'stuff' breeds, did you know that? It hunkers down in your house, attic, garage, storage, and has a good laugh and replicates itself so that you are always behind, even if you are a frequent tosser away of unconsidered trifles. Have you thought of a bulldozer?

    Yes, I find I need less and less, and rarely go into stores. It's mostly just more stuff to fall over. Bucket by bucket, that's the way to go, T. Good luck!