Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inhabiting the Nest of Winter

Seven-grain cereal simmering (in milk) on the stove, P. listening to an Allman Brothers YouTube video, coffee cooling too quickly. The cats have settled, finally fed after their morning racing & antics. Rain and rain and rain, after wet snow last night. I stepped out into it in my nightgown and robe, to see the glitter of it, the landscape one giant cake with a dusting of white icing, white sprinx. I scooped up a handful, amazed at the bulk of snow with no discernible weight. It's still there this morning, thinned by rising temps, eking away into storm drains, making little flood plains where it melts too quickly.

I'll venture out in an hour and this magic will all-too-quickly vanish into traffic and exhaust and windshield wipers.



  1. but its in those moments, even if they are just moments when understanding the magic is there to make our life special

  2. Went out for my daily walk yesterday in thick fog/mist/ drizzle, and was amazed to hear myself saying what wonderful weather it was. 'Anything but cold' is my mantra. Roll on summer.

  3. Victoria, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Cro, it's always a joy, for me at least, to walk through fog & mist.