Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Spanish bluebells are finally in bloom, a month late. Coldest spring on record here. The records are relatively recent in the sweep of history, but still. For twenty-five years I've picked bouquets of bluebells on my son's birthday (April 3rd), but not this year.

Everything is slow this year: flowers, love, resolution.

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of my dear friend Carol's death: a group of us shall mark the occasion with dinner at her favorite restaurant. My kitty -- who belonged to Carol, and possesses the same gentleness and sweetness -- is back at the vet. It's icky stuff. I'm hoping. Here's a link to the piece I read at Carol's memorial.

It goes on.


  1. It's a pity T., there isn't some clever third rule that prevent us from being hurt.
    (well I guess that would be rule 2, if only everyone played by the rules.)
    Glad you changed your header photo.

  2. I really love the new header photo. sp

  3. New header photo is well, um, er, um better, somewhatbetter....
    I see this wall, closed, yet for tiny windows, barely peeking out, but um, it's better than holding the weight of the world.
    You'll stop hurting so very much, soon, T. Would I lie?
    Ima Wizer!

  4. Yeah, that pic's a lot more hopeful, I think. I loved the piece you did for Carol's memorial last year, and I've had Brendan Gill's piece on my pinboard ever since.

    We all might as well be hopeful, as not. Hopeful is definitely a better place and space.

  5. we're having a cold spring here, too. i like it sometimes--it makes the spring flowers last longer; but my bones are chilled, my muscles are constricted; i want the gentle warmth...

  6. We're experiencing a very cold end of Autumn here; doesn't worry me, I get a lot done in the winter months.

    Do hope kitty is well soon.

    Hugs to you.

  7. Sandy and I enjoyed meeting you at dinner with Catherine and Ken. i certainly noted that everyone at the table was surviving hair raising events in their lives except for me. I suppose i should be expecting the other shoe to drop.