Thursday, May 9, 2013


As I've been.

Ruminating the many absences, disappearances, those finite/infinite losses that make up a life.

Meanwhile, the earth is blaring out in blossom, so much I can't keep track.
So many scents.
Color like I believe I've never seen before, yet know, of course, I have.

To hold both this abundance and this scarcity in the same hand, that is the challenge.


  1. Tapestry

    The feel of the thread
    The stab of the stitch
    The colour of the wool... Life.


  2. This week, practicing and learning a chanting mantra, the monks said that duality is an illusion. Where do we turn now? And thank you. xoxo

  3. beautiful photo and thoughts. i have been thinking the very same thing. it IS the trick - exactly. both exist and both live within us.