Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rustic Imprints

Shameless self-promotion in the interest of staying afloat:
I'm launching a new side-gig called Rustic Imprints, mixed-media pieces using original imagery photo-transfer onto birch boards, suitable for framing. They measure 9x12" and are signed by the artist. (That would be me.)

Currently working on a line of dress photos. My younger sister wore this dress, at the age of 6, in our sister Ann's wedding (flower girl). All lovingly stitched by our mom.

Each piece is given a girl-name, this is titled "Kathleen", after my sis. can be yours for $125.
I ship.

(Don't have a paypal account set up yet, but it's to come, soon.)

If you have any interest, shoot me an email at


  1. your photographs have been such a consistently satisfying and lovely feature of your blog, T. this is a wonderful idea. i am a fervent admirer of your particular brand of bravery in putting yourself out there, in so many ways.

    good luck, bon voyage--a new adventure!

  2. Susan, I want to send you a giant hug!
    Thank-you, friend.