Friday, May 31, 2013

Sugar Therapy

It's been a challenging week, with eruptions/explosions on the homefront; while at work, 1/3 of our staff (which = one person) at home sick with "intestinal flow" (and I think he actually said "flu" but "flow" seemed so much more apt), and then a turbulence of the heart. Ah, the heart. One would think that by this age, we'd be so over these kinds of fusses. Well, we aren't. Welcome to singlehood at 56.

But I walked in the door tonight to a heaven-sent scent, and my son was in the kitchen bent over a bowl of something pink and creamy, and a single-layer chocolate cake was in the oven, nearing that perfect state of sponginess. We each had a slice, while it was still warm (raspberry cream cheese frosting!), and goddamn that was the best cake I've ever eaten. (He realizes that this is a high compliment, as I consider cake to be a gift of the gods.)

Not a complete cure, but probably the best balm possible on a lousy day. How did he know?


  1. Better than a gift from the gods is cake from the son. Sweetness for sure.

    1. Thank you, Angella.
      You are so right.

  2. Replies
    1. Elizabeth, I have to get him to write it down before he forgets, because, as usual, he fiddled with the basic recipe. But, it was nothing like the chocolate cakes I usually make.

    2. Just told him to be sure to write it down (texted him, actually), and he said he already had. I'll get a copy to you tomorrow!

  3. Get looking for that vacant bakery; Pies AND Cakes, he'd make a fortune!!!

    1. Cro and Angella, alas, the "vacant bakery", at least here in Seattle, is rare. Believe me, I've researched this extensively! Most bakeries going out of business will sell you their business, ie., you buy all the equipment, and usually a lease. Starting at anywhere from $70k to, oh, $200k. Starting from a bare space, which I've done, is no less expensive.

      And then there are the current health department laws, which, although very recently have begun to allow "home baking businesses", they maximum revenue allowed from one of these businesses can come no where close to supporting even a single person.

      My sons and I have even looked into the food truck business, but have run up against the same economic hurdles.

      We'd LOVE to have the wherewithal to re-enter that field, but, at least at this point, the likelihood is low.

      Nonetheless, I highly value your comments, friends! Thank-you, from a deep place in my heart!

  4. The cake sounds good...
    Turbulence of the 56 year old heart sounds better?

    More please...
    No, no not cake... I'm on a diet!


  5. one time, a rather large lady selling me an ice cream cone said, "people will let you down, but food will never let you down." thanks, this is a very appetizing post! sp