Sunday, July 22, 2007

The air-conditioner is cranked up
and for the first time in a week
I feel cool. (Not hip, mind you.)
Much better than feeling melted,
puddly, rolled-in-sugar & broiled.

Spent the last four days
with some of the nicest people
I've ever met -- Paul's four brothers,
their wives and children, and Paul's dad
and Rosa. My new family!


  1. why, why? why??
    for the first time in a week? I mean, I prefer fresh, sweet air over moldy chemical-y air "conditioners" but still...
    coming home soon? soon? soon?
    miss you.

  2. There was very little fresh sweet air on the East Coast last week,
    and by the time I got to Maine even though it was cooler, I was done-in-for. So I relented and turned the AC in the hotel room
    up full blast and allowed myself to chill, quite literally.

  3. oh, I so enjoy the guilty pleasure of air "conditioning" when on the east coast in summer. I just can't imagine you waited a WEEK to indulge! That's the only survival mechanism in my (granted, limited) esperience.

    Glad you're home We missed you T-Bee!