Monday, July 16, 2007

I met my six-year-old (second) cousin yesterday
for the first time. Her name is Erin, and she lives
with her two brothers and sister and parents
in Massachusetts. Upon meeting her, she asked me
(from the pool, where she wasafloat with water-wings)
if she could be my flower girl.
Later, she asked me -- exactly like this --
"How are your wedding plans coming along?"
(Remember, she's six.)
She specifically had some flower recommendations:
"Tulips. White tulips and red roses.
Have you seen white tulips?
They look really nice with red roses."
When I asked her advice about food, she scrunched up
her nose and asked, "Does it have to be healthy?
I thought all you needed was a cake!
I like chocolate mousse cake. That's what you should have.
And you definitely should wear a long dress."
I have taken note of these most important recommendations.


  1. Erin, sweet Erin! Isn't she just dear! And did you not love her little sister, Amy? I'm so happy that you had this opportunity to meet your younger cousins! Did they call you Aunt Therese? Wish they lived around the corner so I could kiss and hug them...often!!

  2. Whoa Mary. You figured out how to comment! Way to go. They just called me Ter-aze. I wish Jerry was my brother.

  3. So, adopt Gerry as your brother!! I've adopted Aunt Anne for my older sister!