Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boston. Newbury Street. All clothing
is in size -2. I met a dress designer
who told me that if I stayed here
in Boston for at least a week,
she could make me a gown.
Price range, oh, about 4-5,000k.
Only about $3800+ over my limit.

Fenway Park last night. We sat
about eight rows behind home plate.
Upon watching the game highlights
afterwards in a bar, every time a player
went up to bat, there we were, on the screen.
I'll have an autograph signing session
upon my return to Seattle.
Four home runs, 75 degrees, El Presidente beer.
The cell phone police were out, reprimanding
anyone using a phone during an inning.
This is not Seattle.

The humidity makes me stupid.

1 comment:

  1. minus 2. geez. for that price you should get a LOT of fabric with which to wrap your (our) womanliness...


    did the phone police dare to reprimand the use of the IPhone??? I'd think not.

    Humidity. Bah!

    Come home & dot. We have *3* fans, and chilled melon with key lime (and cayanne--don't you know?), not to mention Cukukutinis.... And day after tomorrow (post Wednesday's Farmers Market), *My Lifes Work Gaspacho* with just the right amount of garlic, and home made croutons.

    And Drew & I discussed your many attributes today. Too bad you missed it.

    Hell, I"LL make you a gown for $5K. Or less.

    What else? I'm slackin' a bit.

    Reorders pouring in. Or maybe dribbling. I'll take whatever comes through the faucet.

    couple new designs dribbling in. Drew approves.

    Max testing me heavilly. I fail all tests, he takes pleasure.

    I'm doing a bit of everything. But nothing is moving fast. How the hell did I do this all by myself ONLY for 6 years???? OH yeah. Debt, Foreclosure, Terror & Bankruptcy. That.

    Have fun. Have fun being the lovely fiance, and come back soon. I need my dotter. amd chief laughter officer.

    queen bee

    ( and dare not return without stories galore!)

    xoxo mm