Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hoops, Large and Plentiful

Financial aid forms....cheesus christ. I do believe
these are designed to discourage anyone from
actually applying for $$. Forms from the feds,
forms from the college, transcripts (didn't
we get copies of the transcripts last year?
They are the same transcripts, from the
same colleges, yet "they" desire fresh official
copies in freshly sealed envelopes....)
IRS returns. Schedules X, Y & Z.
Copies of W-2's! (Apparently we've been
randomly selected to gather up even yet
more paperwork! Yippee!) Maybe
I should include some poems!
Please enclose Schedule P for Poem.
Please state your 2006 income from Poetry.
Was any of this Poetic Income derived from
foreign sources? Please list the names
of all poems (including step-poems)
residing at your current address.
Are any of these poems under the age of 18?
If yes, did any of these poems receive
income from:
a) Social Security
b) child support
c) sale of stock
With which poem will the student live
for the 2007-08 school year?
Is your poem deceased?
Yes_____ No_____
Signature_____________ Date_______

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