Friday, January 4, 2008

I finished Ann Patchett's Run on the plane ride
today....a deeply moving book about class, race, familial love
and responsibilty, mothers both absent and present.
Patchett's work reads like a good massage feels,
muscular yet silken, with a build-up to a big emotional release.
Her writing is flawless, liquid, tight and original. Towards the end
I was allowing myself only a few pages at a time. One of the best
books I've read in ages: highly recommended. (Thank you Mary,
for this gift!)

Two nights here in San Juan at a converted 17th century
convent: El Convento. (Converted to a hotel.)
Balconey with a water view, lovely walkways
overlooking a courtyard restaurant. (I imagine
the sisters at vespers, rosary beads clacking.)
In Old Town. Traffic, on a Friday night at 10pm,
was crazy, congested, lots of horns.
Anxious to explore: tomorrow.
Close to midnight here, and it's dark.
And it's warm.

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  1. Oh T, so thrilled that you enjoyed Ann Patchett's book! It moved me to tears towards the end.

    N. is back in Ottowa, safe and sound, so happy to back with Ryan.