Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I told my 14-year-old nephew Travis last night
that I benched 55#'s, and he was amused, in that
young-teen kind of way. He'd just played a
basketball game where he scored 18 points,
so he was feeling mighty pumped. We sat together
at his older brother Kevin's basketball game.
Kevin is a senior and a damn fine player, but
at 5'10", a bit too short to go anywhere with it.
He did, though, shoot a beautiful 3-pointer
which pretty much guaranteed their win.
(And he pretty much carries the team.)
But getting back to Travis: he took it upon
himself to explain to his weight-lifting aunt
all the nuances of basketball play. I came
out of that game last night realizing just
how little of the sport I truly understand!

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