Monday, January 7, 2008

On The Water

The ever-present hum of engines: I am thankful
for air-conditioning, although the breeze
while on deck is refreshing. Spent the morning
on the island of Culebrita, a nature preserve.
Didn't see any nesting turtles, but we did hike
a mile up to the abandoned lighthouse, through
brambly bushes, land crabs scuttling before us,
the criss-cross of lizards on the path, rustling
grasses as they disappeared, slick stripes glistening.
I walked out into lukewarm jade-colored water
up to my shoulders, and could have stayed
just like that all day. No need for movement:
so much to take in, all the senses alert.

The social dynamic of these cruise passengers
is infinitely fascinating to me. Just about everyone
feels the need to inform you of prior cruises,
prior Asiatic adventures (Europe is soooo passe....)
There is a continual fashion parade among the women,
and I keep mistaking swimsuit cover-ups for
negligee, among the twenty-somethings. Oops!
Forgot to get dressed. (Okay, I DO remember
being that young and lithe.)

So I realize that I need to put my natural sarcasm
in storage for a few days.....
This boat is incredibly comfortable, I love the
economy of space in our cabin. Service is tops,
the crew is uber-friendly, a bottle of suntan lotion
purchased from the boutique was $35. Ouch! That'll
teach us to remember it next time. But they've
got us hostage, and I wasn't going to forego
today's dip in the sea. I LOVE the constant availability
of drinks & snacks. Grazing is most pleasurable.
Upon boarding yesterday, we were greeted with
tall, cool glasses of champagne. Looped & looped!

There is a gold-digger couple (or two) aboard --
most fascinating, the younger(skinny)(dyed)(tanned)
(plucked)(pinched)wife with the doddering rich
(caned)(dehaired)(jowly)(7-Up drinking)geezer.

It's all very surreal; I've yet to really settle-in.
First I have to try everything, walk on every deck,
sit on every (type of) chair. I do love walking when
the boat is in motion, the slightly tipsy back-and-forth
tilt of every step.

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