Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is a rant. About Open Floor Plan Kitchens.
Nearly every house/town-house/condo for sale
adheres to this plan, or has been remodeled,
"opened-up," so that the kitchen/dining/living-room
is one big 'ol grand space. I want an old-fashioned
kitchen, a self-contained kitchen, preferably
with space for a small table and chairs.
And a door. TO CLOSE.
(No need for any land masses. [Island, peninsula.]
They exist just fine on the earth's crust
and have no need to be confined indoors.)
I desire a kitchen cocoon. Closed off from TV,
noisy guests, the world at large. I want
my little CD player/radio and I want to cook
(and I love to cook) in my own universe.
This is not a performance! (But the food is art.)
And when I'm ready, I'll open the door
and present you -- yes YOU! -- with some
damn fine food. I am the queen and absolute ruler
of my kitchen and don't want anyone in my way
unless they are willing to take orders
and stay out of my way. And at some point
in the dinner (if it's a party) I want to
disappear behind the door and scrape plates.
That's right! Scrape plates and wash knives
and Put Stuff Away. In private.


  1. I know the perfect house with the kitchen you are describing. The address of the house is 5218 S. Brandon Street. don't know if it for sale or not.

  2. yeah, the funky old ones can meet your expectations jsut dandy. honey, there's a few just down the street over here in Madland...probably 100 yrs old, remodeled with all the shiny stuff in the kitchen but still keeping with the old architecture. the views are fab, the lake is close. and brandon st, and the bridges to redmond. hard to beat. i swear.