Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Your Typical Book Group

Apparently this is what happens
when a group of women get together to discuss
Madame Bovary and feast on rack of lamb:

(Maybe I oughta come clean and admit
that this is what I do when I get together
with friends to discuss Madame Bovary
and feast on rack of lamb.)


  1. Woohoo! Pam and Mary! Lovely to see you on my lap this morning!

  2. You're pretty darn adorable yourself, Miss Tofu-Hunter/Cajun-Guitarist!
    (And so is the accordianist!)

  3. Premium T, Did anyone take a movie of YOUR first waltz lesson? I would love to see that on youtube.:)) Had a great time with book group last night and hope we have many more of these kind of times.
    I am finally feeling a little less spacey from that world wind trip. Getting ready for my next one.
    Bought the next book and will read it. Not one to leave on a plane.

  4. You all certainly know how to have fun. Who said reading books was dull?!

  5. Wonderful! My book group has read Madame Bovary and has feasted on rack of lamb (the Portnoy's Complaint meeting), but we have yet to waltz, Cajun or otherwise.

  6. what, madame bovary couldn't keep your interest? kidding.

    that looks like the most fun book group ever, frankly. and i love the red walls.